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G e n e a l o g i c a l   T r e e


In the Muenker clan three trunks (lines) are differentiated:

1.  The most extensive main trunk has its origin (root) in Siegen in Westphalia.
     Ways of writing: Münker, Muenker, Minckert and Minkert.
     First occurrence:     1380 (before 1400).
     Name documented: 1455.

     The genealogical sequence (branches and twigs) with names and data of the separate
begins 1415 in Siegen / Westphalia.
     The “East Prussian Branch” belongs to it (among other things with twig in Texas / USA).

     Printed and published in the chronicles of the volumes of the Deutsches Geschlechterbuch
(German Lineage Book):

     DGB, vol.   99 (1938)
     DGB, vol. 164 (1973)
     DGB, vol. 199 (1994).

     Spreading: District Siegen-Wittgenstein and region
North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany).


2.  The main trunk Muenker from the Vogelsberg with three sub trunks:
     Schletzenhausen near Fulda, Oberreichenbach near Birstein and Zavod in Hungary
     (“Hungarian Trunk”).
     Ways of writing: Münker, Mincker und Minker.
     First occurrence:     1595.
     Name documented: 1605.

     The genealogical sequence with names and data of the separate families begins 1595
     in Schletzenhausen / Vogelsberg (district Fulda).

     Printed and published in private printing :
     Das Geschlecht Münker aus dem Vogelsberg und vom Niederrhein
     (The lineage Muenker from the Vogelsberg and of the Lower Rhine) (1996).

     Spreading: Districts Vogelsbergkreis and Fulda in the region Hesse (Germany).


3.  The main trunk Muenker of the “Münkerhof” (Muenker yard) in Krefeld / Lower Rhine.
     Ways of writing: Münker und Müncker.
     Establishment of the Muenker yard: 1166.
     First occurrence of Monicker :        1580.
     Name Monicker documented:         1645.

     Printed and published as at point 2.

     Spreading: Krefeld and Lower Rhine in the region
North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany).


Created: 20.10.2001

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