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F a m i l y   D a y s


Since establishment of the family association every 2 or 3 years family days are held. The meetings of name bearers and interested people in the family knowledge Muenker happened up to now in 2
or 3 days on weekends in the ancestral places of the Siegerland.

Apart from family-historical lectures, a detailed program with visits of historical places and trips into the scenic environment also sociability is particularly maintained.

From 1967 until today 15 such family meetings, to which participants arrived from all over Germany, from all provinces and from all trunks, were executed. Namesakes with their relatives spend such days in a large family community.

The last meeting took place from 9th till 11th of June 2006 in Freudenberg.
The next family meeting is planned from 1st till 3rd of June 2007.
Then the family association has its 40th birthday!


Created: 22.10.2001 / Last revision: 19.11.2006

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